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Italy and its characteristic ways, peculiarities and gossip, its art cities, history and culture, its fashion, design and lifestyle is fully described in "Italy calls the world", a magazine on general topics divided into thematic sectors.

"Welcome Sicilia" is the first regional magazine. It is developed according to topics (ranging from Art to Archeology, Tourism to Economics) and makes ample use of hypertexts and summary reports that facilitate navigation and understanding of the information as much as possible. Month by month, this information will create an even more rich "on-line" database, available for consultation 24 hours a day. Furthermore the data is organized into different levels of detail and therefore is useful to various categories of users. This data is interesting and handy for tourists who wish to be informed before setting off and also, thank to the sections "this month in Sicily" and "countercurrent", it is useful to natives who wish to find out more about their country. This monthly magazine also contains a rich and detailed "services"area, of which we mention here the sections "on the road" - thematic geographical maps - and "personal information" - a direct line between our editorial office and the reader.

A third magazine, dedicated to Italian gastronomy, is called "Mediterranean diet". The many reports on the typical products of our land together with a practical cookery course on traditional cookery make it an interesting and useful method of communication for those who want to cook typical mediterranean dishes for fun or for work.